6 Reasons To Use Infographics And Why It’s Relevant

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Type nearly any keyword into your search-engine browser. Your results number in the thousands. Paragraphs blur together as you read through the first page alone. One result catches your eye, however. Infographics are the latest website additions that are making real headway with consumers. With an appearance that’s similar to flowcharts, infographics are full of pictures, short sentences and meaningful content. Learn more about infographics and why you need them for your site. The response can be overwhelming.

Skimming is Natural

The top reason to use infographics is basic, human nature.

People tend to skim webpages. They don’t read every word from top to bottom. If your site is full of text-only boxes, you’re losing out on hits and conversions. Try an infographic to get a point across about your brand, product or service.

These colorful and interesting depictions make readers stop to see the thoughtful flow. By forcing the skimming to stop, you create a potential customer.

Instant Brand Recognition

Every infographic associated with your brand must have the logo and name on it.

The images and text should also reflect your brand’s style. These simple, marketing tricks are psychologically helpful to your company. People automatically think of your brand when they see familiar colors or fonts. Any positive association with your brand and infographics equates to increased sales. Consumers naturally want a familiar name when they spend or invest their hard-earned money in a product or service.

Fun to Share

In the virtual world, sharing content is part of making new customers. Infographics are simply fun to share. Consumers and vendors might “pin” your infographic on their social-media account. They can share it through their followers. Any pathway that leads to more eyes on the item only increases your brand’s visibility in the marketplace.

Be sure to create infographics that are both helpful and interesting. Items that are too salesy will be quickly skipped over. The images and text must give your readers something to think about as they share the content.

Breaks Down Your Content

Your company might have several products. They’re all closely related in functionality, but listing their individual features is a bore. Use infographics to visualize each product as a distinct item. Your customers will be interested to see the features as they’re looking over the images. If there was any confusion over a product, the infographic can explain it with ease. Consumers come away with a better understanding during that next purchase.

Rising Popularity Equals Higher Search Ranking

When consumers see that you offer clever infographics, they’ll seek out your posts. As this popularity rises, so does your online ranking. Every company dreams of being ranked first on every search engine. Your visibility grows exponentially from there. Put a lot of effort into your first infographic. Document how it’s received in the marketplace. Offer regular posts with infographics added every once in awhile. Overloading your readers with too many visuals will have the opposite effect. They’ll actually tire of the images.

Showing You Care

Ultimately, infographics show that you care about your customers. You might be part of a complex industry. Some aspects are outright confusing. By offering infographics, you’re simplifying a part of your industry. Consumers see this gesture as a courtesy; you understand that some ideas need easy explanations. This newfound relationship ingratiates the consumer to your brand. When they’re ready for a purchase, they’ll actively seek you out.

Work with a professional, marketing company if you’re not comfortable with creating these infographics on your own. They can work on visuals that enhance your brand’s visibility and connection with consumers. Images are powerful tools in the virtual world.

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