Benefits To Personalizing Your Digital Brand

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In the age of the Internet, you have the ability to get in touch with more people across the world than ever before. However, just because you can do this does not mean that you should. You should use the new tech and strategies of the Internet to personalize your brand in the most local area that you possibly can.

Those in the know understand that this strategy will eventually find you a global audience, but you need to take the process step by step. Here is what you need to know about digital brand personalization so that you can truly take advantage of the resources that the global Internet and the Age of Information offer you.

Why to Personalize

Before you take the plunge into personalization, you must justify it to yourself. Why personalize? There is a global audience just waiting for you, and you do not need to waste time dealing with people one by one, right?


The reason to personalize is because it is successful. The people who are closest to you are the vehicle to carry your message to other people across the world. Study after study shows that people ignore online ads in the same way that they ignore TV commercials. The more money that Millennials get, the more that this statement will ring true throughout the Internet.

You personalize in order to place your brand in front of the people who will give you more leverage with a wider audience. There is no testimonial or marketing scheme that will get people to trust you more than a truthful comment from a trusted social media influencer. These kinds of associations cannot be bought, no matter what anyone tells you. It is all about word of mouth, and there is no way around this fact.

The Strength of PERsonalization in the Search Engines

Human visitors will appreciate the effort that you put in to personalize your message to them. However, there is a hidden benefit that you may not have considered – your reputation with the major search engines. Between Google, Yahoo and Bing, you have anywhere from 40% to 70% of the world’s Internet traffic. If you are doing well with these three websites, you will do well overall.

Personalization and localization is a coveted characteristic of sites that do well with Google and the other major search engines. Sites that deal with a wide net strategy do not gain trust or visibility with these engines, while local sites do. This will only become more true in the future, and the trend is nowhere near reversing itself.

Above all, personalize your brand. Do not give in to the temptation to create a wide net marketing campaign. It will most certainly fail, and you will spend money and time that could have been better spent on a precise, local campaign that is successful. Digital brand personalization is the future. How do you know this? Because digital brand personalization is the present as well!

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