How To Create Shareable Content For Social Media

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Every business needs a website with a blog, but that’s just to get you started. Once you have the essentials for establishing your digital footprint, it’s time to start branding yourself and that’s done by creating sharable content on your blog.

The trick is learning what makes creative content shareable to the public and, while there are no guarantees, these suggestions should help you hit closer to the mark more often than not.

Social Media Thrives on Validation

Despite what you may read in your Facebook newsfeed, the vast majority of people are followers, not leaders. They will share content more often, when it has already been shared or liked by others.

In fact, one recent study found that people were 32% more likely to “like” a post that has already generated likes and shares from other users.

For this reason, adding a “share” button to your blog posts that includes a counter can help your posts reach more viewers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play with Our Emotions

Serious news items rarely go viral and most stories never really get shared at all. Instead, social media users prefer to be entertained with interesting, unique, or emotionally charged stories. Whether it’s something about a cute animal or a story about a little known fact, your readers are most interested in things that will uplift their spirits or teach them some odd fact.

Don’t forget to grab your readers’ attention with sensationalized titles, but without venturing too close to clickbait.

Create for Your Strongest Demographics

People are also more eager to share content that either speaks to their personality or appeals to their interests. For instance, if the majority of your readers are music lovers, sharing content about the music recording industry or music artists is the best way to gain shares. If you can educate them in the process, this will add to the shareability of your content. In another study, researchers found that people were 68% more likely to share content that represented their interests. They also found that people were 84% more likely to share content that related to social causes they cared about.

Create Content to Inspire Discussion

While cat pictures are a big draw, little is said about them outside of the average meme. Instead of just going for cuteness, try to create content that will encourage discussion. Whether users on your website leave comments there or share your post with their social media friends, topics that promote communication will help users to remember your website. The best way to get ideas for these types of posts is by referring to trending topics on Google and Yahoo. By looking at the topics everyone is already talking about, you can get a better idea of what your next blog post should be about.

Offer Incentives

People are also more likely to share your content, if there’s the possibility of a reward. This doesn’t have to be costly to your bottom line, either. It can be something as giving a shout out to your top sharers or free membership access to your website. Another option might be to enter your more frequent sharers in giveaways or sweepstakes, when your business does one for promotion.

When creating content, remember that you’re just wasting time, if no one is sharing it. While not every post will go viral, as you progress, your content should reach more and more users. The greatest way to make that happen is to make your posts entertaining, emotional, and unique. By appealing to the interests of your readers and offering small incentives, you can maximize the likelihood of building your brand and attracting many more users to your site.

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