It’s 2018, Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

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Email Marketing Is Not Dead.

Email is not dead. Emails are and remain to be a cornerstone of communication between business professionals and ordinary people to sort out all of their private conversations and messages outside of social media.

People turn away from emails and hit spam when they are bombarded with information that they are no longer interested in at that the time. I do it too. But what will get me interested in a company or offer all depends on their presentation and the relevancy of their product or service.

Let’s say that you are interested in buying a home. So, you sign in a news letter saying that you what to get more information about available agents. So long as the company is legitimate, the customer is more reliable to click on the emails that the company sends because they have already asked for it.

The most important tool for email marketing is with believable and informative copy. If you are too sales-y people might be suspicious. You don’t want to be too boring or overload them with information. So in the case of email marketing, you have to remember: copy is key. This is where your salesmanship and copywriting skills come into play, as finding the right words to convince a potential customer are vital to their decision on whether they are interested in clicking on your well-used links.

If you’re a little apprehensive about what to do about email marketing campaigns, there are a lot of useful tools across the web that can give you basic copywriting tips and skills. However, if you find that you struggle with the writing aspect of creating a marketing campaign, there are tons of sites where email marketing and social media savvy freelance writers can be easily consulted and hired. And since this is a digital service, this can all be done remotely.

According to a survey business conducted on their email marketing benefits, the number 1 leading benefit is with the ability to generate new leads. With any business, creating and maintaining new leads can easily eat up a budget with high priced advertisement campaigns. But with email marketing, the advertising is in your copy. So email marketing has a significant budgeting benefit, as even if you do hire remotely, you do not have to pay high prices for mass advertisement campaigns.

Another benefit that is unique to email is that it remains to be a more private and professional way of doing business than social media posts because the emails can appear to be more individualized and personal than a company doing a mass spam.

So, if you are doing email marketing for your business, make this as personable and tailored to the individual or business as you can without being intrusive. You see that they are a business who really needs some social media help? Tell them exactly what you do and the many benefits of social media that you provide with an easy to access link for them.

Email is not a thing of the past. While the innovations of social media are important, email is a far more professional way to guide your customers to your product or service. It all comes down to your copy and presentation with email marketing. With your salesmanship and possibly outside help and expertise, you can fulfill a successful marketing campaign.

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