How To Prioritize Critical Brand Components for Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing may be cheaper and, in a lot of ways, easier than traditional marketing. However, you will still need to prioritize which branding components get your full attention. This guide will go over the different digital brand components and explore how you should plan to prioritize them in your digital marketing.

Memorable Logo

Your logo is one of the most critical parts of your brand because it is a quick visual indicator that represents your entire company. Fortunately, a logo is designed once and then it’s ready to use in advertising, so it does not require continuous effort like content marketing does. Hire a quality graphic designer to get your logo made, and then you can use it in your digital marketing. Your logo should be used in most digital advertising because it is one of the quickest ways to visually associate an advertisement with your company and brand.

Attractive Colors

The color palette of your brand does not necessarily have to be high on your priority list when it comes to digital advertising. If all your ads used the same colors, they might not be very striking or unique, or the colors might not fit the advertisement you are trying to put together. Just be sure that any new colors you use to make a more attractive ad or site do not clash with your existing logo.

Key Words and Phrases

Key words and phrases should be of upper middle priority in your digital marketing. They are higher on the list because key words and phrases that are associated with your brand also boost your search engine optimization, or SEO, to improve your discoverability. You should always make an effort to insert certain identifying key words and phrases into your digital marketing, whether that is in social media profile information or blog posts.


Your company’s values should be front and center during any customer interaction, which is an important part of your online branding. You can use customer satisfaction in the form of testimonials and statistics that help cement your brand as good in customer satisfaction. Your values should also be displayed in all content marketing you produce. Doing so will get your customers to more strongly associate with your brand when they consume the content you produce.


One of the main purposes of building a brand is to establish brand loyalty. You want your customers to strongly associate with your brand so they will remain loyal for life. This is typically accomplished by injecting emotion into your marketing materials. Ask yourself what emotions you want to invoke in your customers when they think of the products or services you offer.

Target Demographic

A clear target demographic is another critical brand component you need to take into account when marketing. If you are marketing to a demographic that is too wide or too narrow, you are not going to see strong results from your digital marketing campaign. You must identify your perfect customer and then market specifically to them. That should be the entire basis of your digital marketing strategy. Digital advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords make it much easier to target your desired demographic in your online advertising.

To the best of your ability, include all of these branding elements in your digital marketing. However, sometimes you will have to prioritize. Remember, the best way to prioritize is to determine which brand components your customers value most. This can be decided based on extensive market research or simple trial and error. However, the aspects you should always prioritize are your values and your target demographic. These will help you best connect to the right customers. Once you know which digital marketing tactics work the best, you can focus on them to grow your company.

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