What It Takes A Brand To Be Marketing ‘Geniuses’

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With so many marketing avenues available today on multiple social media platforms, many companies have taken a shot at marketing their brands using one or multiple combinations of these outlets. However, only a small percentage of them have cracked the code and implemented the right strategies to become a marketing genius. These companies and marketing experts share some very important similarities that result in a higher visibility than most. In fact, only 4%, or 94 out of 2,303 brands included in a research study performed by L2, a digital research firm, have earned this status.

What do they all have in common?

A marketing technique whereby they have leveraged both data and technology to create more of a personalized user experience.

They have personalized both products and marketing and include content in areas such as shoppable, lookbooks, and blogs. They also partner with various e-retailers such as Amazon and others as well as increase both their search results and their reach. Additionally, since there has been such a shift between the use of desktop devices versus laptops, tablets and mobile devices, they have also added more ways to reach users through these various devices. They display images, content, and videos that are conducive to each of these areas.

Because of the evolution of various social media platforms, these marketing and branding geniuses have tapped into some of the key platforms where their customers visit the most. For example, some have used shoppable tags on platforms such as Instagram, whereas others have taken advantage of platforms such as Boots UK, which is one of the largest ad publishing platforms among peers within the UK and also have the largest volume with respect to impressions. Advanced messengers such as chatbot, was also used among this elite group of marketing geniuses. Some have also created organic visibility through their marketing and branding efforts as well.

Other Consistencies

Some additional consistencies that have been identified in this study among this group consist of the type of business. Most consist of large retail giants that already have a large foot hole in their respective industries. They offer consumer products and make up some of the largest conglomerates in the marketplace. These exceptionally stable companies such as Amazon, which is not only a giant in and of itself but 80% of the marketing geniuses are also distributors on Amazonas well.

Another thing that marketing geniuses have realized is the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and the shifts that take place in the social media marketplace, (that also includes mobile marketing, which is described in more detail below.)

Mobile Marketing

Considering the decrease in desktop ad impressions by 10%, there has been an additional shift to mobile marketing, which experienced an increase of 36%. This is due primarily to the changes in consumer online spending and behavior patterns. Companies such as these marketing and branding geniuses follow consumer behavior patterns very closely and make adjustments accordingly. They adapt their marketing and branding strategies as frequently as necessary in a conscious effort to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends – particularly based on the changes that take place in online consumer behavior.

Keeping Content Shoppable

With all of the marketing efforts that take place online, it’s getting the conversion that provides the desired end result. This is achieved by companies that keep their eye on the prize by keeping this end goal in mind at all times. They do this by making content shoppable at every opportunity possible – through emails, videos, images, links, customer engagements through social media and more. This strategy and more have made these companies the marketing geniuses that they are today.

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