What Might Be Making Your Email Marketing Ineffective?

What Might Be Making Your Email Marketing Ineffective
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Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels you can use. However, many businesses have a problem trying to make their email marketing campaigns pay off for them. If you fall under the same category, there are several factors that may be hurting your campaign. Here are five of then you will want to look at.

The Subject Line, Copy and Design May Not Be Compelling Enough

The first thing you need to do when you create an email campaign is to ensure that it gets opened. Email recipients can also get an idea of what the email is about with the email preview text. That’s why you need to put in a lot of work in crafting a compelling subject line and preview text. The copy within the email and the design (template, CTA buttons, mobile-friendly format, font, formatting, layout, etc.) are also important, so you want to make sure they are on point as well.

You’re Not Monitoring Your Campaigns and Using Analytics

Monitoring your campaigns and using analytics tools is essential to a successful email marketing campaign. How else will you know what kind of subject lines gets the most opens? What about what times and days are optimal for sending out emails? Then there are the clickthrough rates for your call to actions and conversion rates. You also want to be constantly testing different subject lines and preview texts on a small sample size to see if you can beat your control.

The Content and/or Promotional Campaigns May Not Be Targeted

If you’re sending out great content and following up with promotional campaigns but not getting results, it’s possible that your emails campaigns are not targeted enough. You will probably need to segment your list. You can segment your larger list into smaller ones by giving away different types of special reports that they can opt-in to. You can also ask for preferences with checkboxes on the subscription box to get an idea of what prospects are interested in.

If you’re using an advanced CRM and marketing automation platform, you can go further by tracking the behaviors of your email subscribers. You can track what emails they’ve opened, the content they’ve consumed, the channels they’re using, what products they’ve looked at, and more. This data can be applied to future email marketing campaigns for hyper-targeted content and promotional emails.

You’re Not Adding Enough Value to Subscribers

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make with their email marketing is focusing too much on promotions. They send promotion after promotion which only serves to burn out the subscribers. You must add value to your subscribers my providing valuable content to them. This can be anything from articles, webinars, audio interviews, PDF downloads, to industry news updates. By adding value, you’re showing that your emails are worth opening.

You also need to train your subscribers to open your emails. If you’re sending content that is also being shared on your blog and social media channels, there’s no urgency or purpose for opening your emails. By publishing unique content or providing important resources on your emails, you’re conditioning subscribers to look forward to your emails. That doesn’t mean the same content and offers can’t coexist in different channels. Just make sure that subscribers know they’re getting something unique from your emails.

You May Be Generating Unqualified Email Leads

It may very well be possible that the leads you’re generating for your email list are unqualified or mistargeted. You may have made a mistake by either targeting the wrong audience or advertising/marketing in the wrong channels. Make sure that the traffic sources you’re using to build subscribers are of the highest quality. A good way to check is to market something that would be a no brainer. If it doesn’t sell despite it being very targeted, then the traffic source is likely of low quality.

Anyone of these five factors may be making your email marketing ineffective. The faster you can identify your mistakes, the faster you can revamp your campaigns and test new strategies. You have to really take a deep look into your campaign to see why your campaigns are failing.

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