Why Living In A Multi-Screen Economy Makes It Difficult To Predict Customer Behaviors

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Consumers have more choice than ever – this is an obvious fact of the Internet. However, there are not many people who have actually looked into the effects of what a multiscreen economy does to consumer behavior. The major takeaway is that multiscreen economies make consumers more volatile. Let’s take a look at why this occurs and what some of these behaviors mean.

More Choice Means Less Loyalty

It is a natural fact of life that when people have more choice, they are less loyal to any one of those choices. The shorter attention span of the average consumer does not help with this. Consumers are also much more volatile in their behavior, meaning that they may switch away from a company for any reason. They do not have to make sense, in a way. How does a multiscreen economy fit into this discussion? The many screens that consumers get information from create the environment for an overload of choice. Were it not for these many screens of activity, consumers would not have as many choices as they do. It is up to the business to invade as many of the screens as possible in order to keep the eyes of the consumer on the business.

Certain Consumers Like Certain Channels

It is also worth noting that certain consumers prefer to receive information from certain channels. Although it is definitely good to have information on all channels, this is not necessary depending on the audience that you are going for. One of the best ways to figure out exactly which channels you should be on is to look at the Pew Research infographics about target audiences. For instance, Pinterest draws a much older audience than Instagram. If you are looking to market to the 35 and up crowd, then you do not need to move in both directions. However, no audience is completely relegated to one or the other screen. You will always have an overlap that moves between them. If you are dealing with an audience like this, then it is essential that you understand how they work. You must give them a choice to engage with you on their terms, not yours. Everything is about the customer in the modern business landscape, and if you try to force a customer into choosing one engagement tool or the other, you will likely shut yourself away from them on both channels.

A Consumer Driven Economy Speaking

Of the consumer driven economy, it is definitely worth noting how the multiscreen environment affects this. The consumer drives all of the attention on the multiscreen economy as well as how you associate with them on those platforms. This means that the environment is always changing. In short, the environment is as volatile as the consumer! You need to keep up with the changes in this environment if you hope to stay abreast of what your target audience is doing. This is the only way that you will be able to serve them content without them becoming confused or impatient with you. If they ever get to this stage, you can bet that they will simply move on to another business and leave you behind.

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